Eyelash Extensions


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Lash Extensions look and feel natural. Our lash specialists simply adhere extensions to your natural lashes. The length, curl and weight of the extension is determined by how long your natural lash is and how dramatic you want your lashes to look. Our eyelash applications will never give you a ‘spidery’ lash look. Our technique is to vary the length of the extension, to mirror your own lashes and make them fuller and longer. Beautiful!


Lash Loyalty

    Lash Extension
   Partial Lash Set $110*
   Full Lash Set $185 (1.5 hours)*
   Max Lash Set $225 (2.5 hours)*
   30-Minute Lash Fill $50
   45-Minute Lash Fill $65
   60-Minute Lash Fill $80
   3D/5D Lashes $20
   Splash of Color $25
   Lash Glue Test $30
   Lash Tinting  $35
   Brow Tinting  $30
   Lash & Brow Tinting   $60

Referral Special:
For each new client you refer to Ciao Bella for a full set, you will receive $15 off your next lash fill.
Refer a new client to us for a fill and receive $10 off your next fill.

 *Note: Your eyelash appointment time may vary depending on the amount of your natural lashes as well as the health of your lashes.
*Lash fills must be done within 4 weeks of appointment or additional fees may be applied.